The Nordstjernan building today

When Tomas Billing was recruited as CEO of Nordstjernan in 1998, he joined the company from his position as CEO of the property company Hufvudstaden. By this time, the building had several tenants. Other than Föreningssparbanken’s branch office along Biblioteksgatan, no other premises in the building were open to the public. The head office of the forestry group SCA occupied three floors.

One of Tomas Billing’s first initiatives as CEO was to modernize the building. Some 1 200 square meters of retail space were opened in 2000, restoring the old department store to its original function – at least on the ground floor. Once again, the design for the building came from Tengbom’s architects, now represented by Ivan Krejci.

Other areas of the building were also renovated over time. After SCA moved out of the fourth floor, Nordstjernan was gradually able to return to its old executive floor. A small pavilion for meetings and conferences was built on the roof, with a jointed teak terrace. The nautical feeling was reinforced by the crow’s nest and flagpole that crowned the roof over the entrance, a remnant of Ivar Tengbom’s renovation in 1919.