Corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is at the heart of our long history and represents a natural part of our operations and is a prerequisite for creating long-term profitable companies. We primarily promote issues related to corporate social responsibility through our partly and wholly owned companies. Nordstjernan’s companies employ approximately 50,000 individuals and generate combined sales of more than SEK 100 billion. Our companies deliver millions of products and services every day, which impact the world around us in various ways. We aim to support our companies’ efforts to minimize their negative impact on the world around them by adopting a responsible approach and engaging in active ownership.

Long-term requirements and active ownership

A long-term approach and active ownership are key concepts at Nordstjernan. These concepts also reflect Nordstjernan’s work related to corporate social responsibility. Nordstjernan aims to serve as principal owner for a long period of time, a goal made easier by the long-term approach of Nordstjernan’s principal owners, the Axel and Margaret Ax:son Johnson Foundations. This creates favorable conditions for adopting a long-term approach to issues related to corporate social responsibility in Nordstjernan’s companies.

Nordstjernan’s main instrument of control in this area is its active Board work. We ensure that corporate social responsibility is on the agenda in all companies where Nordstjernan has board representation.

Exerting influence through our companies

Nordstjernan exerts a significant influence on the outside world as customers use the products and services produced by the companies owned by Nordstjernan. However, the impact of these companies on the outside world varies dramatically. For example, the construction company NCC’s opportunities and challenges in the area of corporate social responsibility differ from those of the plastic company Rosti. Accordingly, Nordstjernan requires that its companies adopt their own codes and ways of working that are most relevant to them. It is crucial that investments are made in the areas where the company’s resources will have the greatest benefit, depending on the specific case in question.

Examples of corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility includes working systematically to minimize the company’s negative environmental impact, ensuring proper and safe working conditions, and taking a proactive approach to combatting corruption, unethical business practices and various forms of discrimination. We believe that corporate social responsibility should be incorporated into all areas of our companies, from purchasing of raw materials and services to the employees in the office or at the worksite.

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Links to the companies’ work

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